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Beyond SokFarm

Merging composting and coffee culture, SokFarm can be considered a true sustainability hub.

Embarking on the journey of launching a new venture is invariably filled with challenges and surprises, a reality I was fully aware of when I decided to kick off operations on August 1, 2023. The pre-kickoff phase was a whirlwind of activity, marked by a deluge of communications and the necessity to adapt to entirely new tasks.

It was during this hectic time that I discovered my capacity for patience—an invaluable realization that gave me strength. Renovation and design, previously foreign to me, suddenly became critical tasks. As someone who had never ventured into such creative territories before, the hunt for the right kitchen equipment turned out to be a daunting, yet enlightening experience. My singular focus was clear: do whatever it takes to open by the targeted date.

Just Do It!

Fresh and local produce becomes more important to many young Asians.

The day finally arrived when I had to face not just the operational challenges but also the ultimate test of my newfound skills in manual artisanal brewing of coffee. As I asked our first guests if they were ready to enjoy their coffee, I found myself grappling with internal doubts about my own readiness and skills.

'As for now, we’re still a baby learning how to walk step by step, but at least we’re on the same page of not giving up. It’s such happiness to be who we are and to do what we love.' - Thou Sokhary, Friend and Staunch Supporter of SokFarm

Despite the nerves and a shaky confidence, the act of brewing and serving coffee to our guests became a poignant moment of truth. Each cup served not only tested my abilities but also deepened my connection to the craft, pushing me to refine my skills and embrace the artistry involved in coffee making.

At Sok Farm, we draw inspiration from the sustainable practices of JUNLEN, particularly in transforming organic waste into valuable resources. By raising earthworms, we engage in the upcycling of organic waste into vermicompost, a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer that benefits all types of crops. This approach not only recycles waste but also enhances soil health and crop yield.

Projects like SokFarm would not be possible without dedicated help from employees, friends and volunteers.

Beyond its commitment to sustainable agriculture, Sok Farm boasts a unique rooftop garden where everything from seed planting to harvesting takes place. The produce is then freshly served to guests, ensuring a true farm-to-table experience that highlights the freshness and flavor of home-grown ingredients.

Grow your own Happiness!

Experimenting with new harvesting options, such as Australian basil, always opens space for cuisine creativity.

Our garden at Sok Farm has become a vibrant canvas of growth and experimentation, mirroring the journey of the business itself. I take immense pride in sharing the successful cultivation of various plants, from the robust flavors of Australian basil to the pioneering experiments with rosemary and sage. Our garden's diversity includes butterfly pea, sunflower, ladyfinger, mulberry, and aloe vera, all flourishing under careful tending.

'There is a long way to go and many things to learn from SOK Farm, the great team and our customers. Let’s keep this positive vibe through this journey together in the future as well. Because we never know what will happen tomorrow.' - Thou Sokhary, Friend and Staunch Supporter of SokFarm

Adding to the joy of these horticultural achievements was the honor of hosting Cambodia’s renowned chef, Sao Sopheak, whose visit not only validated our efforts but also provided an opportunity for some memorable photo shoots. This blend of culinary and agricultural experiences at Sok Farm captures the essence of our mission—sharing the happiness and taste of growth with every visitor.

Sothearath Sok is an eco-entrepreneur spearheading environmental sustainability through her composting initiative, Junlen, and the urban agriculture project, SokFarm. Her innovative work earned her a Green Innovation Kick-Off Grant from the YEP Academy, recognizing her commitment to green solutions and community impact.


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