Our one-on-one mentorship and guidance can be on  various topics including but not limited to:

  • Leadership skills 

  • Coping with failure  

  • Awareness towards yourself 

  • Self-perception and self-concept 

  • Effective communication  

  • Creative thinking 

  • Outdoor facilitation  

  • Environmental ethics  

  • Youth facilitation 

We are here to support you, to help grow and discover your talents.  

What is Mentoring Hacks about?

Mentoring Hacks is taking place in an organised setting, where a mentor (the YEP-Trainer) guides the personal and professional growth of a mentee (You). Mentoring is a process that always involves communication and is relationship-based.

How is a mentoring session organised?

Mentoring Hacks can be offered at any time during the week that fits both your schedule and the schedule of one of our trainers. The duration of the mentoring session will be 90 minutes. You decide about the topic. It can be anything you like to talk about. The mentoring session will be one-on-one. If you feel more comfortable having a friend next to you, it can be also one-on-two. The session can take place face-to-face (indoor and outdoor), or online.
To explore more, get in contact with us @

How much does it cost?

Our mentoring sessions are offered on a regular basis. The first twenty people to register will receive the mentoring program free of charge.

Who are the mentors?

Our YEP-Trainers Liani Louw and Dirk Reber are available as your mentors. You can decide from whom you like to be mentored. Check their profile at Meet the Team.

Mentoring Hacks
Individual scheduling