Meet The Team

The YEP-Academy is driven by us: a team of diverse individuals, who have a passion for nature, outdoor, and personal skills development. As a team, we offer a multi-dimensional approach for up-shifting young talents. We support you with our background on experience-oriented activities, practice-building resources, and promotional services.

YEP - Trainers and Facilitators

Here are our core YEP- Instructors, bringing their passion and expertise to our fantastic nature-connection products. 


Mr. Dirk REBER

Dirk REBER is engaged with Leadership and Outdoor for more than 20 years. He started his career with the facilitation of Youth Programs in Africa. With his positive energy, optimism, and autonomy, he likes to see young people grow. His passion for outdoor, adventure and nature, and his international experience in different leadership positions throughout Asia and Africa, qualifies him as a facilitator, trainer and coach. As one of the leaders of the Civil Society Academy and cooperating with Save Cambodia’s Wildlife out of his years in Cambodia, he is building up the YEP-Academy since 2019. He is fully convinced, that youth is essential for environmental and socially just future, and that the YEP-Academy plays a critical part in supporting and inspiring young activists. He is based with his family in Germany


Ms. Souheang LY

Souheang LY is a young Cambodia working as Communication Officer at Save Cambodia’s Wildlife. She is originally from a central lowlands of the Mekong River, Thbong Khmum. Souheang is passionate about outdoor activities and the environment. She holds the degree of Bachelor of Education, majoring in the English language. While searching for a career matching her educational background, Souheang crossed her path with the environmental conservation sector. She has never once known that Education and Environmental Conservation is the best combination of sustainable development for this planet earth until she started working with YEP Academy. As an aspiring outdoor trainer she is courageously, confidentially, and continuously committed to empowering Cambodia youth as actors for change for a greener future.


Ms. Liani LOUW

Liani LOUW is a 24-year-old South African currently residing in Phnom Penh. She started her internship with Civil Society Academy, Save Cambodia’s Wildlife, and YEP Academy in June 2020. Liani has a passion for working with youth and has more of 7 years of experience and involvement with numerous youth development programs and NGO’s in South Africa. She has a passion for nature and the environment and believes that if we all work together, we will be able to secure a better, more sustainable, and socially just future. She has already fallen in love with Cambodia and the Khmer culture and hopes to see many young and confident leaders in Cambodia in the near future.



Maryna Potriina is working in the Civil Society Academy and has joined the team of the YEP Academy since January 2021. In parallel, she is doing an M.A. in Intercultural communication and education in Germany, while her interest in education mainly relates to the education for sustainable development in combination with outdoor education. Her passion for the outdoors has begun from volunteering in international work camps in Europe and Central Asia. After, she has been continuously working in the ecological NGOs, supporting international educational youth programs, and deepening her knowledge through vocational training opportunities, specialized in nature and adventure pedagogy. She believes that experimental interdisciplinary education carries transformative power and is a key to personal, societal, and environmental change.

YEP - Council

We are grateful for our Council who provides strategic feedforward and assistance.


Mr. TEP Boonny

Mr. Boonny is a visionary Civil Society Leader. He has joined Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW) as the Executive Director in 2006. With his technical expertise in environmental issues, the leadership of Cambodia’s preeminent environmental NGO, and commitment to ensuring that Cambodian men and women have the adaptive capacity to manage the effects of climate change on their livelihoods. He brings new initiative in guiding SCW and other Civil Societies to Sustainability and Community Ownership. He has become an essential actor for change and one of the main drivers to shape Cambodia’s environmental future. He strongly believed that youth is a crucial actor for change on the environmental issues in Cambodia, as well as in the region. With that, the Youth Empowerment Academy should be one of the necessary platforms for youth.


Mr. CHAN Vicheth

CHAN Vicheth has worked for 9 organizations over the past 24 years. He has various work experiences related to program, projects, administration, and human resource management in the field of health, education, rural development, disability, mine action, and natural resource management. Vicheth joint SCW in 2013 as a program manager. He ensures effective and efficient program management of SCW, assures total quality management of operations and ensuring cohesion of project goals with SCW’s strategic directions. His personal life goal is to promote harmony and interdependence between humans and nature. He sees YEP-Academy as a means for Cambodian youth to be aware and awake to design their destiny in harmony with nature.



Fraser Patterson works as Partner Advisor for Welthungerhilfe (WHH), German development and humanitarian NGO. Based in Yangon, he supports and strengthens national civil society organizations in Cambodia and Myanmar to achieve their goals in the fields of food and nutrition security, natural resource management and rural development. He previously worked as a policy advisor for WHH in Berlin and he also has several years of experience teaching and providing training for young people. Originally from rural Scotland, Fraser has a passion for the outdoors and understands the transformative potential engaging with nature can have on young people as well as the importance of their role in environmental projection - just a few of the reasons that drive his interest in the YEP-Academy.