Life Hacks in the jungle is an edutainment program which takes you out of your comfort zone:

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Become a creative thinker

  • Make new friends

  • Challenge yourself

  • Have fun


The Life Hacks in the Jungle takes place over the weekend (Saturday - Sunday) at the foot of the Aural mountain.

Come and see for yourself!

How Are the Life Hacks about?

LIFE HACKS in the jungle is an innovative edutainment program connecting youth to nature. This affordable eco-friendly camp is designed:

- To inspire and build confidence, creativity, and leadership
- To encourage self-development whilst raising awareness for the environment - To take you outside your comfort zone where life happens and you learn most

After this experience, you will go home with an appreciation for nature, reduced stress levels, and new friends. Not only will you have loads of fun but you will also help and support local CPAs by attending this program. This opportunity will help you become the “YOU” you have been searching.

Who can participate?

You are:

  • between 18 to 25 years old
  • environmentalist
  • craving for confidence and leadership skills developement
  • beginner campers
  • seeking for FUN and EDUCATION simultaneously

What do you have to prepare?

The program will cover:

  • Food (4 meals, except for the breakfast of the first day, and dinner of the last day)
  • Accommodation (One tent for two people)
  • Transportation from Phnom Penh to the campsite.
  • Besides, the participants should have the items listed in our Packing List ttatched here for their conveniences during the camp.

What is the registration process?

Campers must be registered and have paid for the program 3 days before the camp. To register, please go to LIFE HACKS registration. All campers are obliged to read, accept and follow the Rules & Regulations of the program attached here.

What are the costs?

We are offering special price of $30 only. See you out there!

Edutainment in the Jungle
19 Feb, 07:00 – 20 Feb, 19:00
Foot of Aural Mountain,
Aural Mountain