Nature is Future - Future is Nature
You(th) can make a change!


Receive up to 5,000 US$ to realize your idea for environmental justice and (re-)connection to nature. 

"I have learned you are never too small to make a difference." 

Greta Thunberg, 18 years old, an Environmental Activist who is known for challenging world leaders to take immediate actions for climate change mitigation. 

  • Cambodia is one of 35 biodiversity hotspots worldwide, with an increasing decline 

  • Cambodia has lost more of its tree cover than forested countries including Brazil and Indonesia (24% since 2001) 

  • Cambodia’s air quality is considered moderately unsafe, in accordance with the WHO’s guidelines 

  • In Phnom Penh alone, around 10 million plastic bags are used daily 

  • Cambodia is considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts such as floods and droughts


​The YEP-Academy believes that young people are the future and they can create better solutions to tackle the biggest environmental challenges of Cambodia. 

The YEP-Academy believes that young people will make a difference for the current and future Cambodian generations.  

The YEP-Academy believes that green innovation is the key to unlock new promising ideas to combat environmental injustice in Cambodia. 


How might we support active youth engagement and empowerment in environmental protection in Cambodia? 

Solutions that... 

  • Provide new ideas to existing environmental advocacy or campaign methods

  • Magnify the voice of young activists to influence the society ​

  • Support the environmental scene in developing and enforcing new standards  ​


How might we contribute to the creation of green jobs whilst strengthening the business skills of young green entrepreneurs? 

Solutions that... 

  • Promote a green and circular economy 

  • Provide green products and green service innovations 

  • Improve access to the market for green products ​​


​​How might we contribute to a positive change in people's attitudes and habits towards nature and the environment? 

​Solutions that... 

  • Support major shift in production and consumption habits 

  • Establish awareness programs to create empathy with nature 

  • Improve the coordination, efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of existing policies and services 


The Green Innovation Challenge “Nature is Future. Future is Nature. You(th) can make a change” is a 3-months innovation program for Cambodian youth, which aims to promote active youth engagement and empowerment in environmental protection and (re-)connection to nature. The YEP-Academy will coach, mentor, and guide young participants to develop innovative solutions with a positive impact on the nature and environment. 

  • Have a passion for nature, environment, and outdoor? 

  • Have strong drive and motivation towards nature protection in Cambodia? 

  • Are Creative and like to bring ideas forward? 

  • Are Engaged with other like-minded young people? 

  • A young Cambodian between age of 18 – 35? 


Submit your application until 26th November 2021. Simply submit a video of max. 90 sec or a moodboard of your idea! 


26th November 2021 

Apply online and submit a video of max. 90 sec or a moodboard

20th December 2021 
If your idea is selected, we will send an invitation direct to you

11th January 2022 

15 selected innovators will join in a half day Orientation Workshop 

8th – 11th February 2022 

The 15 selected innovators will participate in a 4-days Bootcamp 

11th February 2022 

The best 3 ideas & innovator will be awarded: 1st: 5,000 US$, 2nd: 3,000 US$ and 3rd: 2,000 US$

15th February 2022 

Respective contracts will be signed with the 3 winners

1st March 2022 

The 3 selected innovators will receive 2-months support to further develop their prototype via mentoring, networking and team development

20th April 2022 

A final Follow-up Event will finalize the journey and the ideas are ready to pilot

Green Innovation
26th November 2021
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Green Innovation Challenge?

The Green Innovation Challenge is a collective effort of the Youth Empowerment Academy (YEP), the Civil Society Academy (CSA), Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW) and Welthungerhilfe (WHH). Through the Challenge, we aim at developing and supporting ideas, concepts and innovations towards environmental justice and (re-)connection to nature over the next 6 months. The process includes the application of innovators on three specific challenges, a design thinking process, and support in the development of the prototypes.

Am I eligible to apply?

We are looking for people with great ideas relevant to the three challenges or are in an early stage of developing solutions. Moreover:

  • You have a strong passion for nature, environment and outdoor
  • You have a strong drive and motivation towards the nature protection in Cambodia
  • You are Creative and like to bring ideas forward
  • You want to be engaged with other like-minded young people
You are a young Cambodian between the age of 18 – 35.

What are the criteria for the video or moodboard?

The video or moodboard should address following criteria: - Your understanding and connection with nature in the context of environmental justice - Your target group and your ideas or approaches to solve their issues in line with the challenges - The potential impact of your idea - Your or your team's capacity and motivation

I got an invitation: What happens next?

You will get an email from us with an invitation for a half day Orientation Workshop to be conducted on 11th January 2022. This workshop will be online, and you will receive specific information about the upcoming Online Bootcamp.

What is the bootcamp?

The Bootcamp will take place online from 8th – 11th February 2022. In this 4-day-workshop, two facilitators will guide you through the process of design-thinking. At the last day of the workshop, a final pitch will take place and the 3 winners will be awarded.

What costs do I have to cover?

We will organise all events for you during the process. The only costs you need to take care of: your internet fees to guarantee that you can fully participate in all events (Orientation Workshop and Bootcamps) as well as during the mentoring process provided by the YEP-Academy.

What kind of support will the YEP-Academy provide?

Apart from start-up stipends to for the 3 best innovation concepts (1st: 5.000 US$, 2nd: 3.000 US$ and 3rd: 2.000 US$), the YEP-Academy will provide you with mentoring, team building and networking opportunities. We will back you up with our networks and support system so that your innovation can thrive and is ready for pilot.