Why do they matter?

You want to explore Cambodia's wildlife? You like to know more about the ecosystem next to you? Bird calls, animal tracks and other signs tell us what is going on out there.

This training on BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEM provides you a deeper understanding of nature. You will learn environmental essentials in the following areas:


  • The ecosystem - why is diversity important?

  • Plants and trees - why are they so essential?

  • Bird and animals - How do they speak to you?

  • Humans - are we part of the natural system?

  • Stewardship and ethics - why do we humans need to change our behavior? 

Maryna will facilitate this training series and explore together with you the nature of Cambodia.

Why do they matter?
04 Feb, 07:00 – 06 Feb, 17:00


Get to know yourself better

You have an idea of what you want to do, but have doubts if this is your real passion? You do not like that others are always telling you what is best for you? You want to gain confidence?

In this training on LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATIONS, we upshift your talents in a series package of 5 topics:


  • My identity - Who am I? 

  • Communications - How to express myself? 

  • Decision making - How to do it for myself and in groups? 

  • Conflicts - How to understand and manage them?

  • Organization - How to move on and get myself organized?

Our facilitator, Souheang, will run the training sessions and will guide you along the way.

Get to know yourself better
28 Jan, 07:00 – 30 Jan, 17:00


Equip yourself for the wilderness

You want to go outdoor? You like to be in the nature? You like to camp in the forest alone or with friends? You have never done it before? You like to take the responsibility for yourself? And you like to be prepared?

Join our online training package on OUTDOOR! we will train you on the essentials:

  • Equipment -  what do I need in advance?

  • Food and Water - what to take and where to find?

  • Camping and Fire - where shall I sleep and where do I cook?

  • Navigation - how to orientate outdoor?

  • Outdoors on the move - which basic principles to consider?

Dirk will facilitate the 5 days and prepare you for the outdoors.

Equip yourself for the wilderness
17 Jan, 19:00 GMT+7 – 21 Jan, 20:30 GMT+7


Know more about the causes and solutions!

You are the generation that lives in the age of climate change. You have to live with the consequences of climate change, which will fundamentally affect your lives. But what exactly does climate change mean? What will your future look like? And do you still have chances and possibilities to act? 


In this online training on CLIMATE CHANGE, you will learn the basics and get ideas about concrete action:

  • Climate and our ecosystem - how is it connected and influenced

  • Your future – what is going to happen if nothing is happening

  • Facts and figures – which we cannot ignore

  • Causes and effects – why we need to focus and position

  • Action - what you can do


Dirk will guide you through the 4 sessions on climate change. 

Know more about the causes and solutions
14 Feb, 19:00 – 17 Feb, 20:30

What are the Focal Trainings all about?

We are convinced that you want to make a difference and that you want to create better solutions for an environmentally just future. And we know that you are facing many challenges to do so. The current situation of Covid-19 makes it all even harder to cope with these challenges.
Based on an intensive process using the design-thinking methodology, we, at the YEP-Academy, come up with four subject areas we like to offer you specific focal training: 1. Focal Training on LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION - Get to know yourself better 2. Focal Traning on BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS - Why do they matter? 3. Focal Traning on OUTDOOR SKILLS - Equip yourself for the wilderness 4. Focal Training on CLIMATE CHANGE - Know more about the causes and solutions
Each thematic is self-contained and independent from the other.

Who can participate?

The Focal Training is open for all young people up to the age of 35. You are engaged and want to be an architect for an environmental and socially just future. You have a strong passion for nature, the environment, and the outdoor!

What is the registration process?

Please go to click the REGISTER NOW under each training description to secure your spot.

How are the different focal trainings structured?


Each thematic area taking place online will be in a series of 5 days, using English as a major language. Whilst, the offline will be conducted in 3 days.
Each day one session of a max, 1.5 hours will take place ONLINE via zoom. The offline training will be full day.

After each session, you will receive additional tools to continue with your journey.

Each series will consist out of max, 25 young people.

How much does it cost?

The online focal training is supported via scholarships and free of charge for a max, 25 participants for each thematic area.
The offline focal training is also supported via scholarships. However, the participants will need to cover a few expenses by themselves.

When does the next Focal Traning start?

The next focal traning series will take place on: 1. BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS starts on Friday, February 4, 2021 2. LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION starts on Friday, January 28, 2021 3. OUTDOOR SKILLS starts on Monday, January 17, 2022, 7:00 PM
4. CLIMATE CHANGE starts on Monday, February 14, 2022, 7:00 PM