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YEP Academy is driven by us: a team of diverse individuals who have a passion for nature, outdoor activities, and empowerment. We are all certified youth outdoor leaders and facilitators, dedicated to creating a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of young people. Having a passion for promoting the benefits of spending time in nature and a wealth of knowledge and experience, we strive to create engaging and impactful experiences that inspire people to connect with the natural world and make a positive impact on themselves, their communities, and their environment.


"Nature is not at a distance. It is home" (Gary Snyder).
At YEP-Academy, we are using "Nature as a Learning Field,", referring to the concept of using the natural environment as a setting for education and learning. We recognize that nature provides a rich and diverse learning environment where individuals can observe, explore, and engage with the natural world. Using adventure pedagogy, outdoor education, and nature pedagogy, we emphasize hands-on, experiential learning and encourage individuals to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of themselves, while also promoting environmental awareness and stewardship.




Souheang Ly is a co-founder of the YEP Academy. Being an explorer, she has always been searching continuously for something that matches her vision, values, and passion. Combining educational and environmental fields is, for her, the best key to youth empowerment. Souheang is courageously, confidentially, and continuously committed to empowering young people. Besides the entire coordination and backstopping of the YEP Academy, Souheang is facilitating the Leadership and Self-Confidence Training in the YEP Academy.

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Dirk Reber is a co-founder of the YEP Academy. He is an outstanding facilitator, coach & mentor with major qualifications in diverse outdoor settings. With his positive energy, optimism and scope of ambitions, he likes to see young people grow. He is fully convinced that empowerment requires nature as a learning field. As one of few, he is active in combining leadership, and outdoor and development cooperation. Besides providing strategic direction, Dirk is conducting the one-year Youth Leadership and Facilitation Program within the YEP Academy.



Channara Thea joined the YEP Academy team as a coordinator and administration. She has strong organizational skills and attention to detail, which are key to organizing successful training and camps. More importantly, she has the commitment to contribute her knowledge and passion to making changes. Channara is passionate about the conservation of natural resources, environment, climate change, and ecotourism. In addition, She sees that YEP Academy is the best place for her to learn and grow personally and professionally.



Simon joined the YEP Academy, focusing on program development and organizational outreach. His educational background is in political science and human rights, where he paid particular attention to the intersections between environmental rights and sustainable living conditions. Having facilitated environmental and climate change academies in Germany himself, Simon is familiar with the challenges and benefits of practice-oriented education. Further, he is passionate about youth empowerment and exchange, especially between and within Southeast Asia and Europe.



Annie Kukreja is deeply passionate about addressing the PM2.5 air pollution crisis in Thailand and is actively involved in developing projects to tackle this pressing issue. Additionally, she is committed to contributing to global efforts to mitigate the severity of climate change. With a focus on hands-on experience and a continuous pursuit of knowledge, Annie finds inspiration in sustainable development and conservation practices. Join Annie on her journey as she strives to make a meaningful difference in the realm of environmental stewardship and climate action.

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Huy Ing Lay is an individual with great courage, calmness, perseverance, and introspection. She finds solace in nature and firmly believes that connecting with the natural world is deeply connected to personal growth, self-understanding, and self-awareness. Huy Ing is passionate about psychology, personal development, self-reflection, and nature connection. At YEP-Academy, she is facilitating self-awareness, personal growth, and nature camp.



Khaisinh Mounh has a passion for travel, technology, and social work and enjoys training others. He is a driven individual currently working as a data analyst at a private company. He also finds solace in reading books and enjoying the outdoors through various activities such as hiking and camping. At YEP Academy, Khaisinh facilitates an outdoor program called "Unlock Your EQ in the Nature Setting". He lives by the philosophy that regardless of how intelligent one may be, without the ability to work with people, one's dream will remain just that.

​Kunthea Thith - Nature Camp


Kunthea Thith is passionate about outdoor and environmental activities. Describing herself as a life-long learner, she has worked in different positions for a variety of organisations in the nature protection field. Being a graduate of the Youth Leadership and Facilitation Program, she realized that encouraging young people to challenge themselves by connecting to nature is the way of empowerment. With her kind and sensitive energy, Kunthea is facilitating the Nature Camps within the YEP-Academy.

Lida Chhun - Climate Change


Lida Chhun is a first-generation graduate of the Youth Leadership and Facilitation Program. With her confident and emotional character, she has developed a deep passion for environmental protection. Especially climate change is particularly to her heart: “We are part of the planet and it’s our responsibility to take care of our home”. She is fully convinced, that more young people need to be engaged to protect the environment and stop climate change. Besides working as a sustainability coordinator in the food industry, Lida is conducting the Climate Change Trainings within the YEP Academy.



Malay is an adventurous, enthusiastic, and determined individual passionate about promoting Ecotourism in Cambodia through traveling, leading, and sharing knowledge with people. Upon returning from abroad, his passion for being an outdoor enthusiast has pushed him to travel around Cambodia, visiting untouched and exotic locations with the local people. Having no background in tourism before, he is now equipped with advanced outdoor skills and has become one of the YEP Academy's talented trainers.

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Sam Ang grew up in a rural village. He has always been fascinated by nature. After finishing high school, he got the opportunity to join the tourism school, Ecole Paul du Brule. Sam Ang returned to his hometown after graduation but was disappointed by the amount of change in the environment and tourism. He thinks he could be part of the solution by engaging tourism with outdoor activities and adventure. Sam Ang is facilitating an adventure camp at the YEP Academy.



Nimey Rin is a dynamic young leader who has made a name for herself through her passion for empowering youth and tackling climate change. Currently, she is serving as the acting national general secretary of an NGO. Nimey is passionate about traveling, exploring, reading, working with young people, and developing leadership programs that help foster growth and development. At YEP Academy, she facilitates programs that support youth empowerment, which falls under the topic of "Leadership".



Sopanuth Chea, a dedicated outdoor enthusiast turned tour leader, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role. Having honed his skills as an outdoor trainer and graduated from the YEP-Academy Training of Trainers program, his vibrant energy and enthusiasm shine through as he facilitates the "Comprehensive Outdoor Skills" training, empowering others to explore and thrive in nature. Beyond his training responsibilities, Sopanuth also leads adventure programs in kayaking and mountain bike cycling, further enriching the outdoor experiences of those he guides.

SAING SOWICHEA - Adventure Camps


Sowichea is a creative, innovative and pragmatic environmental activist. Working as a ranger for Wildlife Alliance Cambodia to protect the forest and wildlife from illegal actions, he has deep insides about Cambodian’s current natural resources and biodiversity. Being a graduate of the Youth Leadership and Facilitation program, he like to see more young people experiencing the uniqueness of nature through outdoor and adventure education. Sowichea is facilitating the adventure camps of the YEP-Academy.



Trexz Souvannasy is the founder of the Message for the Future Pakse Volunteers. He was raised in Paksong district, Champasak province, in southern Laos. For his entire life, Trexz was exposed closely to nature and had a primitive livelihood that unescapably relied on nature. Therefore, all skills in the outdoors automatically run by themselves within him. Despite running tirelessly behind this fast-changing world, Trexz firmly believes that humans can rebuild our extinct senses by spending enough time in nature.



Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany. It is politically independent and non-denominational. Welthungerhilfe is fighting hunger around the world and is focusing its work around the Sustainable Development Goal 2: “Zero Hunger by 2030”.

BMZ Logo

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is a cabinet-level ministry that works to encourage economic development within Germany, and in other countries through international cooperation and partnerships.

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Civil Society Academy (CSA) was founded in 2014 as an initiative of Welthungerhilfe to support social pioneers, civil society leaders, activists and development enthusiasts to fulfill their mission and vision.


We are a member of The Wilderness Network - there you will find nature and wilderness schools with their courses:

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From up-cycling organic waste to vermicompost through raising earthworms, vermicompost training, farm investing, and product contract farmers with farmers. JUNLEN's vision is to empower farmers to become sustainable in environment, economic and society lifestyle.

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រុក្ខាលែប_RukkhaLab's mission is to work with farmers and promote local raw materials into market used products with the purpose of reducing poverty, immigrating and increasing domestic economic growth. We also generate eco-friendly workplaces including manufacturing and packaging and build up youth leadership.

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Xavier Jesuit School provides high-quality education and offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses academic excellence, character formation, and social responsibility. It caters to students from diverse backgrounds and emphasizes holistic development.

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